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Natural Stone

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Easy Stones 

Easy Stones has been importing beautiful and unique natural stone slabs, tiles, mosaics and decorative stones. The E-Team at Easy Stones has decades of experience in full life cycle of natural stones from quarrying till fabrication/installation, so we know our customer needs. Easy Stones has adopted a unique and proven supply chain management by using 3PL service provider(NSL), which reduces operational costs abruptly, hence the 

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saving are passed to customers. Easy Stones have partners across all the countries that produce natural stones in various forms with the most stunning textures and colors found in granite, marble, limestone, slate, quartzite, onyx, travertine, glass, metal, and precious stones. Easy Stones has exclusive rights to several slab colors, flooring stones, sinks and decorative stones allowing our customers access to some of the most unique products found in the world.


E-Team at Easy Stones makes it easy for our customers from order to delivery with our own fleet of trucks, digitally organized warehouse, digital showroom, and electronic order tracking systems. Some of the import and distribution operations adopted by Easy Stones are second to none. Digital showroom works 24/7 and deliveries are made from Monday to Friday.

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